Aquascaping Tools

The art of caring for Nature Aquarium becomes a zen-like experience for the aquarist. Trimming and shaping the aquascape into it’s perfect form creates the difference between crafting art and merely growing aquatic plants.

In “Nature in the Glass” (the complete planted tank works of Takashi Amano published in 1992), Mr. Amano stated “Tweezers are essential to create a beautiful aquascape,” emphasizing how important quality tools are to the creation of an elegant planted tank.

Over the decades, Amano continued to refine his aquascaping and layout tools to more perfectly tailor them to aquatic plant care. As a user of these very same tools himself, they became the only set of tools in the world dedicated and designed for aquascaping, embodying the philosophy behind the art of aquascaping – the simple zen of trimming, pruning and refining a layout over time for enjoyment.