Aquarium Filter

Rushing river water bring renewed vitality to the eco-system. As new, purified water enters an area, life itself flourishes.

Filtration is the heart of the aquarium. A stable environment gives health to not only fish, but also aquatic plants and beneficial bacterias, and a stable aquarium environment is only possible with the purest of water. The pristine and dazzling appearance of water comes from the work of beneficial bacteria in the filter, and stability comes from the ability for water to flow throughout the entire planted tank.

That’s why we’ve carefully designed all our aquarium filters with a simple vision in mind: the ideal flow of water through beds of beneficial bacteria or microorganisms and the ability to deliver water throughout the entire aquarium.

  • adasuperjetes600

    Super Jet Filter


    Super Jet Filters

    The world’s highest quality aquarium filter: made entirely out of stainless steel and using an iwaki pump, the Super Jet series is a complete set for any aquarium size.

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  • adavuppa




    Designed with two purposes in mind,VUPPA is used in nano aquariums as a simple filter or in larger aquarium as a way to provide either surface skimming and water aeration or supplemental filtration.

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  • adaoutflowpipe

    Lily Pipe Outflows


    Lily Pipe Outflows (P Series)

    Inspired by the appearance of a lily flower and hand-crafted with premium glass, Lily Pipes are designed for rimless fish aquariums so that no equipment distracts from the enjoyment of the aquascape.

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  • adainflowpipe

    Lily Pipe Inflow


    Lily Pipe Inflows (V Series)

    Hand-crafted in Japan using only the highest quality glass, Lily Pipe V series (inflow pipes) is designed with minimalism in mind. For inflow pipes, the less they appear in the aquarium, the more time is spent enjoying the aquascape and less time looking at the necessary life-sustaining filtration system.

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  • adabiorio

    Filter Media Bio-Rio


    Bio Rio Filter Media

    Beneficial bacteria (microorganisms) are the most important part of water filtration, Bio Rio functions as the biological filter and Bio Cube as the mechanical filter while NA Carbon absorbs and removes impurities in the water. The three working together creates pristine water for your planted tank.

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  • adabiocube

    Bio Cube 20 Black Type


    Bio Cube Filter Media

    Mechanical filtration in your filter strains water in order to catch and remove particles in the water such as fish waste, aquatic plant excess, sludge, uneaten food or dust particles from the air. This prevents unsightly build up in the aquarium of waste products.

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  • adanacarbon

    Filter Media NA Carbon


    NA Carbon Filter Media

    NA Carbon’s signature ability is it’s ability to absorb toxins in the water at a rate about 20 times higher than other conventional carbon used in aquariums. The cylindrical design of NA Carbon promotes additional absorption as water flows through it in the canister filter.

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