Aquarium LED

The sun’s light reflect across the ripples of the water’s surface, creating a brilliant shimmer. Diving underneath and entering the world of the aquatic, rays of light appear to be dancing as they give life to nature.

The evolution of ADA lighting started with a simple purpose: to recreate the natural ability of the sun to grow aquatic plants. In order to grow aquarium plants properly, blue spectrum lighting was originally used in order to penetrate the water’s surface. But also because fish aquarium’s (especially planted tanks) usually occupy living space in the home, the light fixture itself also had to be elegant in design in order to fit into any room in the house.

From the original Green Glow fluorescent light fixtures of the 90’s, to the metal halide Grand Solar and Solar series lighting of the 2000’s and finally to the LED Aquasky series of the 2010’s, each evolution of the planted aquarium light has done two things: grow plants easily and effectively, so the aquarist does not have to worry about “if it will work,” and to be designed such that the aquarium equipment fits elegantly within the room where the aquarium rests.

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    AQUASKY LED Lights

    AQUASKY is the latest development in ADA lighting technology – developed exclusively for planted tanks. Not only was AQUASKY the first LED light on the market to effectively grow aquatic plants without worry, but the clean design gives the illusion of light appearing from nowhere, like the sun.

    Each AQUASKY LED light lasts an outstanding 30,000 hours of operation – that’s over 10 years of lighting your aquarium for 8 hours a day, every day!

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