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Drop Checker

Hand-crafted in Japan, Drop Checker is used to easily measure the amount of Co2 saturation in the water levels.

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Drop Checker sits inside of the aquarium and measures the amount of Co2 saturation in the water column. Add pH solution to the drop checker, then place inside the aquarium and the Drop Checker will begin to measure the Co2 levels in the water. It is recommended to place Drop Checker on the opposite end of the aquarium from where your Co2 Diffuser is. For example, if your diffuser is on the right pane of glass in the aquarium, place Drop Checker on the left pane of glass. This way, you do not get an excessive Co2 dosage reading from being too close to the diffuser.

Bluish color from Co2 Drop Checker means there is not enough Co2 in the water. Increase the amount of Co2 being added.
When the Drop Checker has a greenish color to it, you have the optimum amount of Co2 in the water.
When there is too much Co2 in the water, the pH reagent will turn Yellow. Decrease the amount of Co2 being added.

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