Aquarium Co2

Hundreds of fine white bubbles enter the planted tank, quickly whisked away by the flow of water, spreading over the aquatic plants like pollen over a field of flowers. Co2 is used by the aquatic plants and returned into the water as vital oxygen for fish, shrimp and microorganisms.

In 1985, Takashi Amano had a breakthrough that would forever change the world of planted tanks: adding Co2 from small cartridges to the aquarium. Co2 is necessary for the photosynthesis of aquatic plants – in fact, before the advent of Co2 systems for planted tanks, it was very difficult to effectively grow plants in the aquarium at all. Without it, growth stagnates and wilters with no reliable way to grow a dense forest of aquatic plants.

Aqua Design Amano developed the world’s first Co2 system for planted tanks back in 1985 – starting with small disposable cartridges and regulators. Today, while the equipment has been fine crafted and polished with an elegant design, the spirit of that very first system is alive and well in all our products.

  • adaco2advancedsystembig

    Co2 Advanced System


    Co2 Advanced System

    Inspired by the original planted tank Co2 system conceptualized by Takashi Amano, Co2 Advanced System utilizes easy to use small disposable cartridges. Advanced system is a complete Co2 kit designed for use on 20 gallon aquariums or less.

    Co2 Advanced System includes everything in an all-in-one package that you need for Co2 for your planted aquarium. Scroll down for more information.

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  • adaco2pollenglasstype3

    Pollen Glass Co2 Diffusers


    Pollen Glass Diffusers

    Hand crafted in Japan with premium glass so as not to distract from the aquascape, the Pollen Glass series is named for the way Co2 is distributed effectively over the fish aquarium like pollen over a field of flowers. There is a Pollen Glass Co2 Diffuser for every size of aquarium!

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  • doaquamusicglass

    Music Glass Diffusers (Do!Aqua)


    Music Glass Co2 Diffusers (Do!Aqua)

    Do!Aqua Music Glass Co2 Diffusers from ADA’s entry-level line of aquatics. Music Glass is hand-crafted by artisans in Japan using the same great high quality glass material of ADA’s other glass products. Music Glass diffusers get their name for their resemblance to musical notes, creating a unique “u-shape” that is easy to attach co2 tubing to without creating kinks or bends in the tubing.

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  • adabeetlecounter

    CO2 Glass Bubble Counter and Beetle Counter


    Bubble Counter and Beetle Counter

    ADA’s iconic Co2 bubble counter adds simple and functional design to the measurement of Co2 distribution into your aquarium. All hand-made from artisan Japanese craftsman, use bubble counter to count the amount of Co2 bubbles per second being added to your planted aquarium.

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  • adacabochonruby

    Cabochon Ruby


    Cabochon Ruby

    Cabochon Ruby, hand crafted in Japan by artisan glassmakers, is fashioned with a mineral close to ruby and does not deteriorate over time like plastic check valves. Because the check valve is fashioned with this mineral and made out of glass, you never need to replace it.

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  • dropchecker

    Drop Checker


    Drop Checker

    Hand-crafted in Japan, Drop Checker is used to easily measure the amount of Co2 saturation in the water levels.

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  • adaphkit

    pH Kit


    pH Kit

    pH kit allows you to measure the water quality of your aquarium without use of a Drop Checker. Comes included with reagent fluid, testing cup, pH color guide and supplies for 150 pH tests. Tests for pH ranges 5.8 to 8.0.

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