Green Bacter



Green Bacter

In a newly setup aquarium, microorganisms have not yet colonized in the filter. Green Bacter becomes food for the microorganisms and is added to the water daily for the first two weeks, then after every water change there after. Green Bacter comes included with Co2 Advanced System.

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Green Bacter contains rich organic acids that bacteria and other microorganisms feed off of, promoting their growth and establishment after initial setup and after the change in water chemistry as a result of water changes. During the initial cycling process of an aquarium’s ecosystem in the filter and substrate Green Bacter promotes the bacterial colonization on the filtration media and within power sand. Using Green Bacter makes the cycling process go by much quicker as a result. If the aquarium water at any stage in it’s lifetime begins to develop a white cloudiness (happens as a result of a biological filtration crash), Green Bacter helps the ecosystem recover quickly before harm inflicts aquatic plants and fish.

Because Green Bacter promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the aquarium, make sure you aerate the aquarium when the light is turned off by lifting up Lily Pipes so that the outflow is even with the water surface (easiest method) or by supplying aeration via an air pump and diffuser.


1. In a newly setup aquarium, dose 1 drop of Green Bacter per 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of aquarium water every day during the first week. Reduce dosage to 1 drop per 30 liters (~8 gallons) of water every day during the second week.

2. Immediately after a water change, dose 1 drop of Green Bacter per 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of water.

3. In the case of white cloudiness in the aquarium (a sign of the biological filter crashing), dose 1 drop of Green Bacter per 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of water every day until the water becomes clear again.


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