Lily Pipe Outflows



Lily Pipe Outflows (P Series)

Inspired by the appearance of a lily flower and hand-crafted with premium glass, Lily Pipes are designed for rimless fish aquariums so that no equipment distracts from the enjoyment of the aquascape.

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Product Description

The outflow pipes for (Lily Pipe P series) serve dual purposes in the aquarium. First, the Lily Pipe concentrates flow into a stream to aid in proper distribution of Co2 and liquid fertilizers into the aquarium. The second purpose is for night time aeration to promote additional oxygen into the water (at night, aquatic plants absorb more oxygen during cellular respiration, the reverse of day-time photosynthesis). To aerate your aquarium, simply lift the lily pipe up so that the upper tip of the outflow pipe is gently churning the water. This water disturbance enables oxygen to be pulled from the air and absorbed into the water column, a feature that is not easily achieved with classic canister filter spray bars.

To choose the proper lily pipe for your canister filter, match the MM size with the MM sizing of your tubing. For example, Lily Pipe 13mm fits cleanly onto 13mm tubing.  The Mini series is designed specifically for Nano aquariums and the unique style of the Spin type lily pipe is particularly well suited to circulating water properly in mini fish aquariums so that the flow of water does not overwhelm the aquarium.

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 3 in

Mini P-1, Outflow P-1, Outflow P-2, Outflow P-4, Spin Type P-1, Spin Type P-2


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