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Phyton Git

Effective in eliminating beard algae, blue-green algae and diseases, Phyton Git is formulated specially to bring out the natural defenses and healing powers of aquatic plants. Phyton Git provides an organic way of combating algae and plant disease. Using man-made chemicals and medicines may quickly exterminate algae, but also majorly upsets the ecosystem in the aquarium, such as in the case of hydrogen peroxide, which bleaches plants. Phyton Git was crafted with the mission of Nature Aquarium in mind, and therefore ensures the protection of healthy aquatic plants by supplementing the aquatic plant’s own natural healing abilities.

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Whenever harmful substances come into contact with plants and trees, they secrete a large amount of phytoncide in order to protect themselves from these threats. The substance is a powerful disinfectant which defends the plants from harmful bacteria in the environment. Aquatic plants also secrete phytoncide just like their arboreal cousins. Then, in nature, fish also make use of this phytoncide as a natural disinfectant to protect their eggs from germs, which is why many fish choose to breed inside or alongside aquatic plants. Additionally, it is also a reason why fish health is overall better in planted aquarium environments.

Phytoncide is an incredibly important part of a healthy planted aquarium ecosystem and overall is a vital element towards balance in the nature aquarium.

The primary ingredient of Phyton Git promotes the natural secretion of phytoncide in aquatic plants which fundamentally improves the aquarium’s ability to fight off germs and prevents disease. This is also a method of combating algae that grows on very slow growing plants like anubias, when Amano shrimp or otocinclus is not enough.


When used to prevent diseases in aquatic plants, use one drop of Phyton Git for every 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of aquarium water per week. An easy formula for your calculator is: aquarium gallons / 1.3.

If diseases have occurred to fish or aquatic plants, use 10 drops for every 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of water once a week.


Eliminating Cyanophyta (also called cyanobacteria or blue-green algae)

1. Use a small suction hose to remove as much cyanophyta as possible.

2. Using a syringe, dose Phyton Git directly where the cyanophyta was amassing.

3. Apply aeration (the easiest method is to lift the lily pipe up as you would for nighttime aeration) and keep lighting turned off for approximately three days.

4. After three days, change 1/3 to 1/2 of the aquarium’s water and remove any remaining cyanophyta.


Eliminating Beard Algae (also known as black-brush algae)

Sometimes on slow-growing aquatic plants such as anubias, black beard algae begins to grow on the leaves and can be very difficult to eliminate.

1. Dilute Phyton Git with water to half strength

2. Drain water down so that anubias is exposed to the air

3. Apply Phyton Git directly onto the leaf surface of Anubias with a brush.

4. Let the aquarium aerate for 5-10 minutes after applying Phyton Git, then fill the aquarium back up with water from the amount drained to treat Anubias.

Using this method will help to kill the beard algae, making it easier for Cardinia japonica (amano shrimp) to eat the remaining algae. This method cannot be used for other aquatic plant types.



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