Pinsettes are tweezers for professional aquascaping, designed with strength and accuracy in mind while still being easy-to-use. The fine tips allow for easy precision planting of even the smallest plants into the substrate. While the longer the pinsette, the stronger the gripping strength in the spring making it easier to grip larger plants the larger the pinsette model is. Each one is hand-crafted out of stainless steel and hand quality checked by ADA before shipping with included inspection certificate.

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Product Description

Gripping even the smallest plant is possible using Pinsettes from ADA. The manufacturing quality is kept to the high standard of ensuring that the tips perfectly match, increasing the gripping power and precision of planting into the substrate.


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 6 x .25 in
Tool Sizes

Pinsettes L, Pinsettes M, Pinsettes S


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