Spring Washer



Spring Washer

Over time glass Lily Pipes accrue algae and other detritus naturally from the biological filter in the canister. Glass Lily Pipes are difficult to clean with traditional pipe cleaners because of the glass joints. Spring Washer is designed with a flexible coil wire that allows it to easily bend and curve around all the contours of glassware. Select the right size for your Lily Pipes diameter. The soft brush at the end easily removes any built up green algae or soft brown algae that normally occurs on the glass surface.

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When using Spring Washer on Lily Pipes, first carefully remove the Lily Pipe from clear tubing. After turning off the canister filter, carefully lift the Lily Pipes out of the aquarium so they are no longer attached to the aquarium. Once you have drained the water from the canister filter, the easiest way to remove the glassware from the tubing is to gently push up on the clear tubing (this breaks the air tight seal) and then pull down after the air tight seal is broken.


Bring the Lily Pipes to a sink and gently run Spring Washer through the Lily Pipe, pushing and pulling on the end of the Spring Washer until the Lily Pipe is now completely clean of any built up algae. For a more thorough sanitization before placing back on the filter, place Lily Pipes into Clean Bottle with Superge solution to kill any residual algae spores.

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