AQUASKY is the latest development in ADA lighting technology – developed exclusively for planted tanks. Not only was AQUASKY the first LED light on the market to effectively grow aquatic plants without worry, but the clean design gives the illusion of light appearing from nowhere, like the sun.

Each AQUASKY LED light lasts an outstanding 30,000 hours of operation – that’s over 10 years of lighting your aquarium for 8 hours a day, every day!

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Takashi Amano’s gorgeous Aquasky was the first in the market to not only effectively grow aquatic plants but also to have a minimalist design that elegantly sits on the aquarium so as to not distract the scene in the aquascape with overbearing equipment.

LED lights for the planted aquarium can be difficult to get right. Many LED’s leave a spotlighting effect and don’t properly cover the whole aquarium, don’t have the ideal lighting spectrum to properly grow plants or are too bright and cause excess algae to grow.

The AQUASKY with it’s highly efficient light output covers the entire aquarium so that everything from sensitive carpet plants like Hemianthus Callicthroides (HC) and Glossostigma to brilliant stem plants like Rotala and Ludwigia grow to their full beautiful potential.

With a light spectrum tuned to 7,000K, AQUASKY perfectly replicates the sun’s most effective aquatic plant growing spectrum. Many other aquarium LED’s are tuned at around 10,000K (whose bluish-white light reflects more off the water’s surface) or at the 5,000K and 6,000K warmer orange light (which more accurately reflects daybreak or horizon sunlight). 7,000K is most effective for planted tanks because not only does the light properly penetrate the water, but also the spectrum is closer to noon-time lighting, the most effective for encouraging photosynthesis in plants.

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