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Clear Super

Created using fine activated carbon and organic acids, Clear Super helps with the growth of beneficial bacteria and stabilizes the substrate environment. Sprinkle on top of Power Sand when setting up the planted tank.

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Inside the aquarium fish, aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria (microorganisms) create a fragile ecosystem by coexisting and mutually depending on one another. The work of these microorganisms such as by beneficial bacteria, is very important for the recycling of naturally occurring organic substances. Encouraging the healthy growth of these invisible microorganisms is vital for long-term maintenance in a beautiful planted aquarium.

Clear Super is a highly refined activated carbon powder fused with several nutrients to promote beneficial nitrifying bacteria growth. Sprinkling a layer of Clear Super over Power Sand or on the bottom pane of glass of the aquarium underneath the Aqua Soil allows the product to absorb excess organic substances and promote the growth of nitrifying bacteria to help cycle the aquarium faster in the initial stages.

Because Clear Super removes organic substances from within the aquarium, it has the effect of keeping the water crystal clear.

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