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Bacter 100 and Bacter Ball

Containing more than 100 types of beneficial bacteria, Bacter 100 “jump-starts” the planted tank with vital bacteria for the live substrate system. Sprinkle on top of Power Sand at the setup of the aquarium or use to suppress blue-green algae if it appears in the aquarium.

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Product Description

Bacter 100 seeds the substrate in a planted tank with over 100 types of beneficial bacteria. By sprinkling the dormant bacteria in powder form on the base layer of the substrate (either directly over the power sand or underneath it on the aquarium glass), you are able to quickly jump start the cycling process for your planted aquarium. Doing this helps the ecosystem establish much quicker, making it safer for fish and encouraging root health of your aquatic plants.

Alternative Uses:

In the case of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) break out in the aquarium, sprinkle Bacter 100 over the area of infection during a water change and Bacter 100 will remedy the problem. If the infection of cyanobacteria is overwhelming, we recommend that you use a small siphon hose to first hand remove as much of it as you can, and then apply Bacter 100 over the remains. You may also use Bacter Ball (which is just Bacter 100 molded into balls for ease of use) as an easier replacement to treating your aquarium this way.

What if my Fish or Shrimp eat Bacter 100 or Bacter Ball?

Don’t worry! The bacteria contained in Bacter 100 and Bacter Ball is healthy for the digestive tract of fish and aids in activating healthy intestinal bacteria.

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Bacter 100, Bacter Ball


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