Co2 Advanced System



Co2 Advanced System

Inspired by the original planted tank Co2 system conceptualized by Takashi Amano, Co2 Advanced System utilizes easy to use small disposable cartridges. Advanced system is a complete Co2 kit designed for use on 20 gallon aquariums or less.

Co2 Advanced System includes everything in an all-in-one package that you need for Co2 for your planted aquarium. Scroll down for more information.

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Product Description

Co2 Advanced System contains everything you need to easily attach Co2 to your planted tank. Originally inspired by the first idea for incorporating Co2 by Takashi Amano into an aquarium using bottles of soda water in the late 1970’s. Co2 Advanced System uses easy-to-use screw on Co2 cartridges so that you do not have to use a big Co2 2.5lb or 5lb canister on your nano aquariums and even up to 60-P aquarium.

Using the system, each cartridge lasts about one month to one and a half month when moderated to the recommended 1-2 bubbles per second of Co2 injected into the aquarium per second. Use with Cube Garden Mini S, Mini M, 30-C, 45-P and 60-P or any other aquarium up to 20 gallons in size.

Included in Co2 Advanced System:

  1. System YA-74/Ver 2 regulator (controls the flow of Co2 into your aquarium)
  2. Co2 System Tropical Forest No. 1 Co2 cartridge (the screw on co2 canister)
  3. Ball Valve (manual crank to turn Co2 flow on/off)
  4. Co2 Cap Stand (holds the system upright)
  5. Glass Bubble Counter (attaches to the side of aquarium for monitoring Co2 bubbles per second)
  6. Pollen Glass Diffuser (diffuses bubbles into a fine mist into the aquarium)
  7. Check Valve (prevents water from aquarium from seeping into the regulator)
  8. Green Bacter (live bacteria for cycling aquarium faster)
  9. Co2 Silicon Tubing (pressure resistant tubing used between Co2 regulator and check valve to control pressure)
  10. Co2 Gray Tubing (softer tubing that allows attachment of bubble counter and diffuser)

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