Cube Garden Aquariums

ADA Cube Garden 60P


Cube Garden Aquariums

Iconically featured in Nature Aquarium since it’s inception, the classic 10 and 15 gallon Cube Garden fish aquariums have been an inspiration in homes since the onset. Dimensions created specifically for aquascaping, these aquarium sizes fit well in any home or office.


Product Description

ADA’s 45P and 60P represent the most classic aquarium sizes for the home – with the Cube Garden 45P being our interpretation of the classic 10 gallon and 60P coming in at just over 15 gallons. As with all of our fish aquariums, the Cube Garden only comes in the high clarity, low-iron content glass. What this means is that there’s zero glass tinting, allowing you to more clearly enjoy the brilliant colors of your plants and fish.

The 45P is designed to be close in height and width proportions, allowing for a deeper image in the aquascape, while the 60P is slightly higher in proportion to the width of the aquarium, which allows for more flexibility in layouts using driftwood or tall stones.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 18 x 25 in

45P, 60P


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