Bio Cube 20 Black Type



Bio Cube Filter Media

Mechanical filtration in your filter strains water in order to catch and remove particles in the water such as fish waste, aquatic plant excess, sludge, uneaten food or dust particles from the air. This prevents unsightly build up in the aquarium of waste products.

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Bio Cube is inert, preventing alterations in water quality and chemistry, while also being made out of coarse sponge-like materials in cube form for easy cleaning. The cubic form of Bio Cube allows water to pass through the filter media without slowing down water flow, but also dense enough to catch waste particles passing through the filter.

Place Bio Cube into your canister filter first (positioned so that water coming in through the inflow pipe passes through Bio Cube first) and above the metal strainer. Place Bio Rio (in a filter net) on top of Bio Cube, and then finally NA Carbon or Anthracite as the final layer.

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