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NA Carbon Filter Media

NA Carbon’s signature ability is it’s ability to absorb toxins in the water at a rate about 20 times higher than other conventional carbon used in aquariums. The cylindrical design of NA Carbon promotes additional absorption as water flows through it in the canister filter.

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Use NA Carbon as your chemical filtration layer in a canister filter, especially in the early stages of aquarium cycling. When used at first setup of the fish tank, carbon helps to polish the water (removing any natural yellowish color from the water) and absorbing excess ammonia that the aquatic plants and biological filtration cannot yet convert into beneficial properties.

When placing NA Carbon into your canister filter, such as Super Jet, place it on top of Bio Rio as the last layer in your filter before water returns through the pump and back into the aquarium itself. It is advisable to use NA Carbon for the first 3 months of your new aquarium, and afterwards to replace with more Bio Rio for the most ideal filtration.

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