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Bio Rio Filter Media

Beneficial bacteria (microorganisms) are the most important part of water filtration, Bio Rio functions as the biological filter and Bio Cube as the mechanical filter while NA Carbon absorbs and removes impurities in the water. The three working together creates pristine water for your planted tank.

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Microorganisms that live within the filter are the most important part of maintaining health in the aquarium ecosystem. Bio Rio is a natural pumice-based stone with a high surface area for microscopic beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. These bacteria convert harmful ammonia produced by living organisms into nitrite, then another species of bacteria converts nitrite into nitrate, which is then absorbed by aquatic plants.

Therefore it is important to have healthy biological filtration in your aquarium, and the better your biological filtration, the healthier your fish and plants will be. Bio Rio not only provides a home for these beneficial bacteria to live and thrive, but also comes mixed with organic material that serves as a food source for the bacteria to grow from the beginning.

Place Bio Rio in your canister filter above Bio Cube (mechanical filtration) for best effects. NA Carbon is then placed on top of Bio Rio to aid in further water purification. After 3 months, carbon is no longer necessary, as the maturation of the aquatic plants and the strength of the biological filter is ideal for water purification. It is recommended to use a filter net to contain Bio Rio so the fine stones do not pass through into the pump.

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