Glass Cover



Glass Cover

Clean cut with beveled edges and sized specifically for each cube garden, Glass Covers fit on top of the aquarium tank and prevent fish from jumping out of the fish tank or unintended objects from getting in!

Select the size best suited for your Cube Garden. Hooks for attaching glass covers to the aquarium come included for free with every Cube Garden aquarium tank.

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Product Description

Glass Cover uses the same high grade glass that our aquariums are hand crafted with – high clarity glass with low iron content. This consistency of product quality helps ensure that every craft piece of your aquarium kit is the best in the industry.

To place glass cover over cube garden, place the cover hooks that came with your cube garden onto the beveled rim of the fish tank. Place one hook in each corner and put the glass cover on top of them so it rests cleanly within the border of the aquarium (glass cover is made so that it doesn’t protrude outside of the aquarium, keeping the same clean aesthetic as aquariums with no cover).

Glass cover is made a little smaller than each aquarium to allow proper spacing for lily pipes (filtration) and co2 diffusers to rest inside the aquarium.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 7 in

30C, 45P, 60P, Mini M, Mini S


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