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Multi Bottom 

Multi Bottom are sticks of aquatic plant fertilizer and nutrients containing all of the necessary trace elements for aquatic plants to grow. It is recommended to inject them into the substrate after one year, when the substrate has begun to lose it’s nutrients, or as an additive for any standard planted aquarium. 30 pieces are included per container.

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Instructions for using Multi Bottom:

1. Place one stick for every 15x15cm (~6x6in). 8 Sticks are used in a standard 60cm (24 in) aquarium on average.

2. Insert sticks 2-3cm (0.75-1.15in) from aquatic plant roots, placing the sticks as deep as you can into the substrate (Bottom Release is recommended as an easy tool to place Multi Bottom into the substrate)

3. Nutrient content of the sticks last for 2-4 months. When you place a new Multi Bottom, place them away from where the original was, as there may be residual nutrients in the substrate from the old stick.

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