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Power Sand

In the planted tank, Power Sand is placed at the bottom of the aquarium below the Aqua Soil. Created from porous volcanic stones, it provides the base for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive while supporting aquatic plant root growth and development.

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Product Description

Power Sand forms the base layer of the aquarium substrate. Because it is created from porous volcanic stones, it acts as a bed for beneficial bacteria that helps with the planted aquarium’s natural filtration system. Porous stones provide a high amount of surface area for the beneficial bacteria to grow and was part of the original substrate system developed by Aqua Design Amano dating back to the early 1990’s, even before the development of Aqua Soil!

Aquatic plants that absorb more nutrients from the roots, like Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne especially benefit from the presence of Power Sand, by providing extra organic nutrients and surface area for roots to wrap around.

Place Power Sand directly on the glass of the aquarium tank, then add substrate additives like Bacter 100, Clear Super and Tourmaline BC. Use a tool like sand flattener to leave a gap between the front panel of the aquarium and the Power Sand base of a ½ inch. This makes the front of the aquarium look more aesthetically pleasing when using Power Sand.

What size Power Sand should I use?

Use Power Sand S for aquariums up to 20 gallons.

Use Power Sand M for aquariums up to 66 gallons.

Use Power Sand L for aquariums over 66 gallons.

The granule sizes vary between Power Sand S, M, L, with S providing smaller granules suitable for small tanks, and M and L providing larger granule sizes to prevent the substrate from becoming anaerobic (lacking oxygen), which can happen in larger aquarium sizes.

Additional Information

Dimensions 10 x 7 x 1 in

Power Sand L, Power Sand M, Power Sand S, Special L, Special M, Special S


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