Pollen Glass Co2 Diffusers



Pollen Glass Diffusers

Hand crafted in Japan with premium glass so as not to distract from the aquascape, the Pollen Glass series is named for the way Co2 is distributed effectively over the fish aquarium like pollen over a field of flowers. There is a Pollen Glass Co2 Diffuser for every size of aquarium!

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Product Description

When Takashi Amano first introduced Co2 into the planted aquarium, there needed to be a method of gently filtering the Co2 into the water. Without a steady way to get Co2 into the water column, growing aquatic plants was very difficult. From that, the Pollen Glass Co2 diffusers were invented, and the aquatic plants hobby has never been the same again!

Every Pollen Glass diffuser is hand-crafted by Japanese glass makers. The glass used is thicker than that of other diffusers made in China, which means that there’s less of a possibility of breakage during use and the clean glass design makes it so that the equipment does not distract from the aquascape within.

When selecting the correct diffuser for your aquarium, bear in mind the length of your aquarium and the gallonage. Refer to the guide below:

For Nano Aquariums less than 8 gallons (Cube Garden 30-C, Cube Garden Mini M, Cube Garden Mini S): Pollen Glass Mini.

For 10-20 Gallon Aquariums (Cube Garden 45-P, Cube Garden 60-P): Pollen Glass, New Pollen Glass, Pollen Glass Type 2, Pollen Glass Type 3, Pollen Glass Large 20.

For 20+ Gallons (Cube Garden 90-P, Cube Garden 120-P): Pollen Glass Large 20 (20-30 gallons), Pollen Glass Beetle 30 (30-50 gallons).

Additional Information

Weight 0.22 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 4 in
Co2 Diffuser Types

Co2 Pollen Glass, New Pollen Glass, Pollen Glass Beetle 30, Pollen Glass Large 20, Pollen Glass Mini, Pollen Glass Type 2, Pollen Glass Type 3


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