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Lily Pipe Inflows (V Series)

Hand-crafted in Japan using only the highest quality glass, Lily Pipe V series (inflow pipes) is designed with minimalism in mind. For inflow pipes, the less they appear in the aquarium, the more time is spent enjoying the aquascape and less time looking at the necessary life-sustaining filtration system.

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Product Description

Each Lily Pipe inflow pipe contains small slits in the glass that allow for water to properly flow through into the canister filter without causing risk to small fish or shrimp being damaged. Created to be paired perfectly with Lily Pipe outflow pipes, make sure to place them on the same side of the aquarium tank as your outflow pipes in order to maximize water filtering through your aquarium.

By placing the Lily Pipe V inflow alongside the outflow pipes, you allow for water to flow from the outflow pipe, bounce off the opposite pane of glass and return in full circulation to the inflow pipe. In this way you are able to maximize the amount of water that is being properly filtered every minute, and enhance overall aquatic plant and fish health.

Lily Pipes are sized appropriately to match with filters and tubing, so make sure you match the appropriate MM sized Lily Pipe with the correct clear tubing for your canister filter. For example, select Lily Pipe V-3 13mm Lily Pipe with 13mm clear tubing.

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 3 in

Inflow V-3, Inflow V-5, Mini V-1, Mini V-2


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