Tourmaline BC



Tourmaline BC

Using high-grade bamboo charcoal, Tourmaline BC detoxifies the substrate by absorbing organic pollutants. This helps to establish the living substrate much faster than normal, and is used at the start of an aquarium layout, sprinkled on top of Power Sand.

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Tourmaline, known as “the stone of electricity” in Japan, conducts a weak electrical current which works to keep the water circulating effectively through the substrate layers. Cells of living organisms become active when the water is electrified in this manner, which encourages the propagation of microorganisms and the growth of plants. Tourmaline also contains abundant minerals such as Iron, Manganese and Boron. Having these minerals in trace amounts works towards promoting the healthy growth of aquatic plants and consequently the health of fish. Specifically for aquatic plants, Tourmaline BC promotes the absorption of nutrients from the plant’s roots to help them grow well.

Tourmaline BC is made from finely crushed quality tourmaline and poromeric charcoal powder in order to increase its electrical current. This also prevents the growth of putrefactive (negative) bacterium, which allows the soil substrate to thrive for much longer periods of time without replacement.

Spread Tourmaline BC at the bottom of the fish aquarium underneath Aqua Soil. For best results combine with Bacter 100 and Clear Super along with Power Sand to complete your planted aquarium substrate system.

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