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Aqua Soil Amazonia

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia is world famous for its extremely high organic nutrient content and consequently, the ability to grow aquatic plants rapidly from the very beginning. Normal type Aqua Soil provides the base for the substrate system, while Powder Type is suitable for nano fish aquariums or as a top layer to allow for the easier growth of smaller plant growth like Hemianthius Callicthroides (HC).

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Amazonia is the planted aquarium substrate of choice by professional aquascapers because of its high organic nutrient content. Due to the density of organic matter, aquatic plants grow rapidly and easily. Aqua Soil Amazonia was originally inspired by Takashi Amano’s visits to the fertile South American Rainforests, where it’s namesake comes from.

Aqua Soil has a high level of humic acid, which effectively lowers the hardness of the water, creating a more ideal living environment for aquatic plants. When measured against normal tap water with a pH of 7.6 (alkaline vs acidic water) and kH of 2 (hardness or mineral content of water), the water changes to an average pH of 6.8 with a kH of less than 1 after the addition of Amazonia.

Initially, Amazonia releases ammonia into the water, which begins the cycling process in the aquarium and fosters the development of beneficial bacteria that sustains fish life. For this reason, do not add fish to your aquarium until the fourth week, when the aquarium has properly cycled.

Normal type is designed with larger soil granules to encourage deeper rooting of aquatic plants, while powder type Aqua Soil is meant for nano aquariums and as a top layer covered over normal type in larger aquariums to allow for easier planting in the substrate and smaller plants to grow roots.

How Much Aqua Soil Do I need?

For Nano Aquariums (8 gallons or less): Use 1 bag of Aqua Soil 3L Normal or Powder Type.

For 10 gallon aquariums: Use 2 bags of Aqua Soil 3L Normal type or 1 bag of 3L Normal type and 1 bag of 3L Powder type.

For 20 gallon aquariums: Use 1 bag of Aqua Soil 9L Normal Type and 1 bag of 3L Powder Type.

For 30 gallon aquariums: Use 1 bag of Aqua Soil 9L Normal Type and 1 bag of 9L Powder Type.

What Else is Used with Aqua Soil in a complete Substrate System?

Power Sand, Bacter 100, Clear Super and Tourmaline BC are used in conjunction with Aqua Soil to complete the ADA Substrate System.

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3L Normal Type, 3L Powder Type, 9L Normal Type, 9L Powder Type


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