Moss Cotton



Moss Cotton

Mosses grow onto surfaces like driftwood and cling to them over time. However, initially they need to be tied down in order to properly grow. Moss Cotton is a specialty thread made out of cotton, with a dark green coloration (so that it is hidden from view). The thread naturally degrades over time once the aquatic mosses has taken root on the driftwood or stones.

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When attaching mosses to stone or driftwood, make sure both the moss and driftwood are damp. Using a spray bottle, or submerging the driftwood in water in a bucket helps make the moss cling to the driftwood while tying down. Place moss over one side of the driftwood, make sure to cover any ugly parts of the driftwood, such as anywhere where there is scarring or is particularly uninteresting for the aquascape.


Wrap moss cotton around the driftwood to secure moss to the piece. At the end tie a knot to make sure moss cotton stays secure until moss has naturally attached itself to driftwood.


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