Wood Tight



Wood Tight

Aquatic ferns (such as bolbitus and java fern) and Anubias species do not root in soil. Rather they attach their roots to driftwood or stones. Wood Tight uses a brown colored (to blend with driftwood) vinyl over wire in order to temporarily fix these plants to driftwood initially, while roots take hold. After tying aquatic plants to the surface, it is easy to cut and remove with scissors.


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Place fern type plants like java fern or bolbitus onto driftwood (it helps to make sure both plant and driftwood are moist before tying). Then simply wrap once or twice with Wood Tight and twist to tie off the plant. Cut with scissors after knotting Wood Tight and the aquatic plant is securely fastened.

It is recommended to tie aquatic ferns to unsightly parts of the driftwood, such as joints so that they will hide any ugly features in driftwood.

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