Riccia Line



Riccia Line

Riccia line is used to tie down Riccia onto stones and driftwood. 164 feet (50m) of strong line is included that does not dissolve over time in order to keep Riccia firmly attached to the surface, for this reason the line is tinted green to make it appear invisible when Riccia grows over it. You may also use Riccia line to attach moss to small stones, which can be difficult to attach using Moss Cotton.

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When tying Riccia to a surface, it is easiest to use flat stones, such as those provided in the Riccia Stone package. Make sure the riccia is evenly distributed across the surface for the most consistent growth.


It is useful to make sure that the Riccia and the stone surface is damp so that Riccia clings to the surface while you tie it down. The most consistent way to make sure Riccia stays attached is to tie it in a checkerboard pattern from top to bottom and then left to right.

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